Megan Abdallah, a native Texan, received her first formal training from Master Carver Jon Russ, in Arkansas. She was awarded an Arkansas Arts Grant and continued her studies, creating a series of carved, painted, replicas of North American Birds.

She continued her studies at Henderson State University and received a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting and Art History. She then traveled throughout the United States creating murals and commissioned pieces. Her works are in private collections and permanent displays in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, and Barcelona, Spain.
Abdallah is currently focused on creating abstracts and distorted realism with mixed mediums and oil painting. Her first comprehensive collection of paintings, the "Symbol" series, is a mixed media of sand, oil, wood burning, and gold leaf. In this series she creates meditative Hindu Mandalas by inscribing Sanskrit text and Hindu prayers in sand and/or wood with gold leaf, paint, and/or wood burning. The process is meditative for her and, in turn, becomes meditative Mandalas for others to use. Her second series (which she is still actively pursuing), the "Cellular" series, is a powerful use of complimentary colors layered with sand creating a primal energy of organic formation. Her third series (is actively pursuing ), "Partum" , is a collection of soulful figures representing the inner self impregnated with the symbolic creation, nurturing, and sacrifice of art.

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